One wonders..


Would the ride have been simpler?
I find myself wondering
If I didn’t have a stubborn will
A defined sense of joy
A yearn to make a mark
And the belief in myself

Would I have been valued more?
If I complied
Sometimes to norms and at times to expectations
If i went with the predetermined flow and not try to carve out a path.
If I reflected and resonated the moods of all around me
If I quietly gave, expecting nothing in return.

Would I have been at peace?
If I didn’t think too high of my potential
If I scoffed at the one who said,’Oh, you have it in you!’
Living each day, exactly similar to the other
Sticking to a routine

Would I have been desired?
If I lowered my guard and displayed vulnerability
If I didn’t second-guess the marvel of my body
If I feared rejection and did as told
Or become a shadow of the person who claimed to love me

Would I have been content?
If I didn’t feel the thirst to prove myself again and again
And took whatever was given with satiation
Not desiring a morsel or a penny more.
Or stopped undermining my achievements, looking through the lenses of others
Would I have been truly happier then?



2 Comments Add yours

  1. ashok says:

    Beautiful poem and thoughts 😊


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