Our Moon has Blood Clots- my two cents

71JKqilA0xLEven before I finished the book-in-hand, I knew this would be my next pick. In fact it was the second time I picked it up.. guess I wasn’t ready for it when it fell in my hands a couple of months back.
I don’t think you can ever be ready for the naked truth, especially when it’s in first person. The only thing tougher that I can think of; is to review the feeling that engulfs you after you read about the violent ethnic-cleansing and forced migration of Kashmiri Pandits.
One may argue that it’s a biased account etc but I’d say that everyone has the right to share their story..
The narrative, which flows from one grim memory to another sucks you into the darkness of real-life, bone chilling incidents and you feel every bit of angst and anger against the perpetrators and circumstances that rendered lakhs of innocent Pandits homeless and forced them to live like refugees in their own country..!
I could go on about the poignant memories of the author but they are far too many to be listed without addressing the complex emotions each one of them stir within you. Even then, I can’t help but resonate the confusion of a fourteen year-old who wondered, if certain people wanted ‘Azaadi’, why did they feel the need to target the Pandits and force them away? And how did they end up becoming convenient scapegoats in the former’s fight for freedom?
There can be no excuse that justifies the lack of empathy or attention given to such countless incidents that have scarred lives and attempted to wipe out a rich-culture and community…or the fact that all of it was allowed to happen in the first place.
Its difficult to not take sides and form opinions- one tries to be neutral and fair but at the same time, one cannot find a reasonable defense for the mass murders, political silence, suppression of the issue and the justice denied. Just because people did not burn buses, carry violent protests and show faith in the government/judiciary- they are expected to come to terms with a bloody history, in some cases, a complete wipe-out of their clan, ancestral disconnect and loss of identity.
Our Moon has Blood Clots is an emotional roller coaster that’s worth multiple reads and I wish more is written, spoken and done about righting the wrong done towards our brothers and sisters..!!
A courageous attempt by Rahul Pandita.
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  1. Really amazing 👍


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