Swinging- The Only Constant

One would think that probably only Daredevils have what it takes to live a life of extremes, who love being pulled to newer challenges and situations that test their limits.

But have you ever experienced hope and positivism suddenly metamorphose into an  uncertain anxiety, with a slightest wind of disturbance to this equilibrium?

One moment you feel confident and prepared and the next fills you up with doubt, stripping you off hope, layer by layer.

The point that I’m trying to make is that we all suffer from such swinging emotions, especially when it pertains to conscious (life-impacting) decisions made with or without the support of others. Moments when you second-guess, wonder ‘what was I thinking’ and panic… These are those times when you’re so unsure about all that you represent that everything seems over-whelming, out of control and of course without an escape route.

To say that one should stay strong and not surrender to being an emotional pendulum is probably the easiest, most impractical solution. While some people restrict participation, others maximize their role by indulging in each emotional extreme.

More often than not, there are no ready answers, no expert advise to fall back on or even a patient ear ready to listen to your ramblings. But we must do our best to Live Through these trying times without taking more decisions, with whichever strategy that works.

For they do serve a purpose.

These are those times which force you to remember and reiterate the very reasons behind your decisions. These are the times which make you look for basis and ground to continue before hope shines once again.

These are the times that you always remember…

Those times when you had all the reasons to give-up but you chose to hold-on.

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