Pulling the Plug


Hell no!

Maybe its Friday-the 13th that puts one in a mood leaning towards the deeper, intenser shades of Life. I owe today’s blog to that compelling feeling that’s pushing me to lend perspective on uncertainties we encounter.

How much is too much? Where do you draw the line? And does ‘pulling the plug’ signify your strength of character or weakness and inability to carry on?

So many times in Life we find ourselves standing at a point of decision, where we choose between want and need, dreams and reality, holding on and letting go or even something as seemingly insignificant as staying quiet or speaking up.

All decisions don’t necessarily pertain to something as Big as choosing Life over Death or vice-versa but do play a significant role. From the path you end up choosing, to how people around begin to perceive you, to the image-cage that materializes around…every instance slowly but surely contributes to your life’s journey.

Each decision taken in a direction makes it twice as hard to make a U-turn towards the start point. While they could’ve been made with best intentions, keeping all long and short-term consequences, reactions and repercussions in mind yet they remain half-chanced…don’t they?

When Life doesn’t come with any guarantees, then why do we hesitate to accept the consequences of decisions and make amends? Or judge the people who show this courage?

Isn’t life all about the balance between Ying and Yang, negatives and positives, the rights and wrongs… so why do we feel guilty of pulling the plug on reality and taking a chance on dream? Or finally letting go after holding on for eternity?

What makes most of us spend a large part of their lives making peace with the image-cage, a perceived personality and expectations; suppressing resentment and restlessness to break free before pulling the plug (if at all) ?

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