What You Look For Around; You Already Have Within!

You wake up more than once a night, alternating between an urge to pee and a feeling of  dehydration (rolling eyes). You aren’t able to change sides in sleep ‘coz your right arm has failed in its plan to creep up on the left one right under you, which makes them both sore beyond comprehension! You still don’t give up on the idea of a sound sleep and try to reassure yourself about it not being any later than very early morning hours but just then, the milk-man rings your doorbell!

Should these be read as signs of an impending Bad Day?

Well, one prefers to label such thoughts to overthinking and superstition and decides to stay positive nevertheless.

But sometimes this attitude irks and challenges a Force/an Energy to take upon itself to put you to test. To try your spirit and ascertain the strength it has acquired with past experiences; to define your Break-Point.

And as the day unfolds, you realize that its going to be one helluva fight! Each dent on your carefully knitted aspiration, every blow to your well-thought-of plans feels fatal. Inch by inch you find yourself getting closer to a point of putting all weapons down and calling it quits!

But a tiny part of you chants incessantly, wait it out….this too shall pass and you try to hold on to that feeble voice of hope (not necessarily reasonable or logical).

You hope against hope to tire your opponent and make it to the finish line, injured, yes but not broken. In desperation, scavenge to feed your hope-losing spirit with the tiniest bit of inspiration or sense of motivation you can get your hands on..

Music, quotes, pep-talk, mind-diversion techniques, success-stories, prayers… trying just about everything that has worked before and can possibly work again, and they do! On most occasions, all of these or rather any of these suffice but some ‘special occasions’ warrant more.

You regret taking the signs lightly but conclude that an acknowledgement never equated to attaining superpowers for the gruesome fight anyway!

Its that moment when you find no help on the outside that you look within and concentrate on your strength of will and the Force of Faith that has made you come this far..

Because giving-up means either going back to the Start or Living a Life of regret.

And at THAT very moment, you find the tables turn.

The more you focus on that feeble voice, it gains strength and becomes louder, clearer and convincing. And you realize, what you looked for all around, you already had within!

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