The Last Lap

When I was woken up in the morning,  I had to literally kick myself out of bed and into walking shoes. It had been ten days since my last morning outing (reasons swung between rains, thank Heavens! and laze, a perpetual influence). 

While morning walks have always been a time-out from everything associated with work and home. Lending relief, sanity and inspiration on days I’ve needed them the most, my ‘me-time’ to set priorities, organize the day and groove to some beats; when no ones looking! 😀 its a pain to get myself to be on one!

As much as I wish it was an involuntary exercise, that HAS TO be undertaken, the voluntary clause along with an inviting bed, miserable weather and a horrible habit of  contemplation often results in regret. 😛 !

But today was an exception and Thank God for that!

With my ears plugged, I contemplated about the genre of music to begin my day with.  Something powerful and soul-stirring, that’d invoke and attract a sense of energy- setting tone for the day.

Ticking names of songs and musicians off the mental playlist, I zeroed on Bitter Sweet Symphony by Cruel Intentions (outstanding by all means). But as I began typing in the search bar of a music app, it auto-suggested Chariots of Fire- Vangelis.

Disclaimer: I haven’t seen the movie and recognized this theme (for the longest time) because of its adaptation in one of the Bollywood movies (I’d rather leave speaking of).

But today, there was something about its deceptive soft beginning turning into a grand crescendo, the consistent rhythm playing in the background that held my hand through the journey this magnificent theme undertakes; that made me hear it again and again and again… to find a name for the strange mix of feelings and goosebumps it gave.

If I had to sum it up in one word; it epitomizes the Moment of Victory (that was easy); a befitting conclusion. Yet, not a serendipitous one, but the one which has been chased for far too long to remember.

Rather a moment of disbelief that strikes when you’re used to being let-down, shoved around, failed plans, working hard despite no apparent results. Having found comfort in the solitary journey against the tide, armed with grit, belief and solace in accepting that Life was never meant to be easy; taking each failure in your stride.

After having learnt to smile and carry-on because you believe the Force is with you and its why you were put on Earth that suddenly the Finish Line is visible.

A moment when a part of you screams with joy of clinching the very goal that’s finally within reach, but you find yourself looking at it with Uncertainty.

And you slow down, asking yourself if it’s for real.. look around and find the world cheering you on and reliving all the moments of despair, each time your spirit broke, every reason you found to pick up the pieces and take another step forward.

That moment when you realize that Life wont be the same again…and you finally allow yourself to break down.

In Gratitude, In Disbelief, Humbled and Felling forever indebted.

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