The struggle to ‘Keep Calm’ is REAL

‘Keep Calm’

A popular phrase, widely used as an advisory in situations where its nearly impossible to even remotely associate with the expression. ( P.S: No one has ever kept calm in the history of keeping calm especially when they are told to keep calm:P)

That was a lose definition based on my perception and experience! 😛

On a more serious note, I tried to explore reasons that make us resort to this phrase despite knowing its antagonistic effects. And conclude that its nothing more than lack of a better solution or a means of buying time to get to one!

Just how many times have we been in situations where nothing works? Situations immune to us getting worked up, throwing tantrums, screaming in frustrated anger or even wrecking with sobs. When we’d like answers to our itemized grievances yet only silence seems to to be available for all the talking-back.

When the menacing dark clouds seem to engulf their silver lining, what does one do but ‘Keep Calm’ and wait for Sun to set on the day. Live with the hope of finding answers and Pray for strength to make it (rather scrape it) to a better day?!

It’s then that frustratingly, the prickly blanket of Calm is reluctantly worn to camouflage the ripples of uncertainty and angry waves of discontent. While it does little to soothe one’s nerves or state of mind, but more often than not convincingly plays up to be an imitation of the being calm 😀

For me, staying calm is relative. If someone around is blowing their heads off, I like to cling to sanity otherwise it’s me shooting through the roof! But at least with many exasperating experiences behind me, I am aware of the futility of a sense of urgency and restlessness that engulfs when any situation is not in our control. Though the realization swings between being an after-thought to it dawning after the storm has settled, its at least a beginning 🙂

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  1. Keeping calm is a farce / difficult to achieve to an extent. The ones who keep calm despite the ‘noise’ are either insensitive or indifferent.
    The ones who have done it, lose faith or hope or retreat in their comfort zone.
    Anyways, well written. Subtle, to the point and not exaggerated for the want of glorifying your opinion through hi-fi words. Your choice of words is quite apt.


    1. Many thanks for sharing your pov and kind words of appreciation:)


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