When Apathy takes over

A couple of years back I read that the opposite of ‘Love’ was not ‘Hate’, a popular notion. Instead, it was Apathy.

It was one of those statements that get into your system and stay with you till your last breath. I’ve spent enough time thinking about why the author thought so, drawing parallels with my own experience in relationships and the deeper I delved, the more sense it made.

Can it really get any worse than feeling no Emotion?

Surely, being pushed to take this journey of transformation must be the ultimate test of endurance, an intense fight between Instincts (Love) and Intellect (Rationale).

Where one opponent only understands unconditional acceptance, is irrational, gives chances and is ready to bend backwards, uncaring of parameters like deserving-undeserving, good-bad, right-wrong etc. And the other that’s born into the real world, influenced by external environment, that meticulously keeps a record of everything practical & dreamy, of all pros and cons, good and bad experiences, happy and sad memories, that anticipates actions and reactions AND does well to (constantly) remind you of hurt you (eventually) feel with absence of reciprocation to ‘Love’ offered every single time..

The tug of war must begin with brute strength on side of Love, backed by romantic aspirations, dreams, mush, borrowed expectations, naivety and oodles of will-power to make things work. But each episode of misplaced expectation, every life lesson you think only existed in books or ‘happened to other people’ must gnaw on the spirit of loving unconditionally and must bring some inevitable changes… depleting the once bottomless store of Love.

Just before Intellect clinches victory, after going through disbelief and denial, having used up the reservoirs of hurt and tears, Love must give one last attempt to avenge the wounds and scars. Resorting to ‘Hatred’, that matches intensity but opposes in intention. It must be giving its ALL to regain some of what is lost.

Until one day, the nagging intellect succeeds! And that’s when with its own two hands, Love must open all doors and windows of the Heart, setting all emotions free.

Until its nothing more than a hollow, empty void.

With no more tears, anger, complaints, expectations… with nothing inside, with nothing to offer…

It must be then when Apathy takes over.

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  1. Very true.
    Well written ☺️


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