Running Wild

Thought of the Day!

I sit with a million thoughts that refuse to metamorphose into words. Each time I pick some work, i find myself stopping midway, to day-dream ! 😀 From country’s political scenario to the latest movie being released, my mind seems to be on a wild-free run!

It doesn’t need any help in terms of a conducive silent environment or relaxing background score or any kind of an aid to propel these thoughts in any specific direction, the mind finds any observation, a memory, simply a word fertile enough to plant the seed of thoughts which proliferates with a sense of urgency, in an attempt to take-over all others, forming connections, linking chains, entangling them before spreading to catch hold of another observation, memory or simply a word.

Of course, having nothing to do with anything of importance or consequence, the mind and its thoughts have no concern for my work that suffers (in the real world)  or timelines that are overshot,  and much to the contrary, coaxes and tempts me to join the bandwagon, which i usually end up doing!



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