Romanticizing Thoughts

What pulls writers and poets into deep recesses of woods? 

I am fighting an urge to curl up against a french window offering magnificent view of acres and acres of green. Instead sit on a finely carved high-back, more suited to the mahogany teak study table.

Well, that’s not the only urge I fight ;P

Its taken us a little over 10 hours of nonstop drive (save attending to calls of nature) to escape the clutches of chaotic madness aka ‘cultured-urbane’ life of Gurgaon and make it in ‘rather good-time’ to wildlife sanctuary of Binsar.

Starting at 4:00 AM ensured we left the dusty heat of planes in time to make it to the foot hills by the time sleepy towns began to stir.. For most part, one didn’t notice any change in altitude as we skirted around the bases of hills. In fact, on our way we spotted a solitary pine-which looked so out-of-place that I know for a fact, it was planted ;P

I hear the sound of silence! WoW!

In this 250 year old British Bungalow, standing strong and tall, affording a breath-taking view of Himalyas, I am humbled by silence..

I look up and catch multiple flocks of birds, crisscrossing each other against a perfect-blue sky. Their cacophony faintly piercing the glass makes me smile at their cheerful banter. Are they counting their blessings? Do they realize the privilege of living in wild?

It was during the last stretch (2 kilometers or so) that our ride got adventurous. We gained considerable height to reach where we can now look into the eyes of Nanda Devi (and her peers) and say Hello 😀

I fight the urge to snooze, to sit idle, to live fully and to escape the samay-chakra (time-wheel) all at once.  Anything to prolong  the profound feeling of experiencing the same peace and tranquility that everything around me seems to possess innately.

I sit staring at an old-time feathered ink pen with part restlessness and some anxiety; certain that at any moment this perfect-harmony will be broken. I want it to last forever, to get lost in the gracious beauty that surrounds me. The energy emanating from the surroundings is unmissable. The lush-green trees swinging to the rhythm of soft rains, birds reuniting with their babies after a hard day’s work, a tiny snail following its Mama carefully… everything seems so in-sync and comfortable with each other.. that I feel consumed by the need to capture this perfection.

And hence, the conclusion that its the desperate need to describe a feeling as pure as this, a feeling of AWE that pulls writers into these woods…

Perfect for creativity to thrive.

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  1. Amrita says:

    The wonders of nature are so hard to describe as it is so magnanimous that it overpowers you. Yet you did a splendid job. Loved reading.


    1. Thank you so much 😁


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