The Self-Recharge

I’ve been looking to set a tone to my life..

Like a background score that defines the pace of thoughts and keeps passive control on all exaggerated ups and downs.

And like I had mentioned in the previous blog, I suffer from a condition called- Over Thinking.

So, with numerous people telling me how to go about it, to be mindful and most importantly how to stop ‘getting into the spiral’ (“Just don’t think man! Whenever you start thinking, engage in a  self-talk on why you shouldn’t”- More or less the crux of every well-meaning advice) I’ve been looking for some practical methods that can be made a part of the days routine…

On Life’s front, past couple of days have been mentally rough and it feels as though I’ve run out of the extra reserves of self-sustenance in terms of positive outlook and in some ways, Faith. Which brings me to what I want to share today…

Like a scavenger looking to feed off any external source of infectious, relentless positivism and contentment; only yesterday I chanced upon an Insta-post, rather a dialogue between two friends, one of whom holds Happiness.

‘Where’d you get this?’

‘Made it myself (with pride)’


‘With Acceptance, Discipline and Gratitude’

‘Where did you source these ingredients from?’

‘From Faith, Willpower and Bravery- We all have them (with a quiet smile)’

Well, I haven’t been able to get that comic strip off my head.. a complex question answered with simplicity, so much ease and precision made me realize that for me Gratitude was the hardest hurdle. The only heartfelt Gratitude is what I extend towards Almighty.. and if i was told to do so for most people i know, i’d be tongue-tied!!

Because saying it aloud isn’t enough, you need to mean it..!!

I think I’m going to write three things I am grateful for everyday for the next one week and hopefully compile and share with you guys in my next blog 🙂

Wish me luck!!


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