Inventiveness & Creation




A term used way too much in today’s time as compared to my growing up years..

Back then, there was a certain image we carried in mind about how creative people dressed (a short khadi kurta with loose jammys, coke framed glasses, no specific hair-cut though well-oiled and neatly-parted and of course, with a rather-torn-out cotton jhola hanging by the side, teamed with kolhapuri chappals)

That only non-achievers chose anything over science or became anything but doctors or engineers is a debate that has (thankfully) started to lose relevance slowly.. but that’s not what I want to talk about.

The first time I heard myself talk about creativity was when I was all of 9 years old, in an answer to my Grand Father that upon growing up, I’d like to do something that gave me creative satisfaction.

(Fancy!! The comical expression his face bore is permanently etched in memory)

I’ve come to realize that what I said then is something that I want even today.. and more often than not have found myself running after. Whereas on its part, during times that I’ve tried hard it behaves as an illusion, a mirage mocking my frustrating attempts.

I’ve also understood that it knows no limits and refuses to be conquered or controlled. While on one hand, it makes you want to rise, fall and then rise again, to experiment, to find answers and to become a better version of you every single time…it refuses to be taken for granted or chained to timelines and benchmarks, or worse, thrown into the race for numbers…

For that effectively kills the instinct about creativity..

To be mindful of and prepared for the time it decides to descend on capture that moment of true bliss and offer complete surrender….

Is the one and only way to experience that satisfaction the nine-year old me spoke of 🙂


Image courtesy: Google.

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