Quit Fighting… you’re meant to be different! (8)


It was on one such visit with an electrician that I received a panic call from my sister.

I’ll have to give her credit for at least trying to sound composed while relaying the Gynaec’s review of her then-current situation verbatim, ‘you’re 2cm dilated; the baby could be coming anytime now!’

In a second, FOTS slipped to priority- II.

And I was on the next flight to be by my sister. Of course, not without being mindful(l) of unexplained guilt towards this divided attention! But I had little choice other than to make peace with the change in relationship status with our dream project- that of a long-distance one.

On the office front, things were as unpredictable; if not more. While nobody questioned the certainty of it shutting down, the topic was still a white elephant sitting in a corner, which continued to grow with each passing day… Daily operations went on as though everything was perfectly normal; yet Breaking News became the hot punctuation being thrown around from ‘inside sources’ of office grapevine.

So much so, when boss sanctioned my leave; he asked me if they should throw me a farewell party in case the company no longer existed by the time I was to report on duty.

We laughed it off (which was more in lines of a nervous chuckle for me)

Anyhow, the laptop went along as a symbolic-token-reminder of FOTS and did well to fuel the pessimistic me (which never missed to surface during times like this) of unchanged loyalties 😛 I vowed to work on pre-opening marketing, creating a social-media identity, opening a bank account, getting a tax number etc etc…

But my nephew had other plans.

He made an entry exactly ten days after I made this hurried visit 😀 (talk of ‘plans working out!’)

That effectively left us with two days in-town and a total of seven days before Liliput was scheduled to fly off for his next foreign assignment.

It won’t be an exaggeration if I say that for the next two days, both of us covered the length and breadth of that city exploring nooks and cafes that (even vaguely) seemed similar to the concept of FOTS !!


Once back:

We saw FOTS for the first time!!

Yes, (finally) the premises was made clear and we were able to see it’s complete dimensions for the first time!

The entire paraphernalia of imagination and associated mis-conceptions were brought to a screeching halt! 😛

I wish the first feeling on seeing the space was ecstasy or excitement but it was actually far from it …because not only had I imagined it to be bigger, but also a little less dingy and musty ☹

Seeing my wilted expression, the magnanimous shop owner promised to get an LED fixed till we got our own electricity connections (that light made the chemically-stained floor stand out).

I tried to look at the interiors from different angles; hoping to gain different perspectives, to envision the kind of furniture that’d fit, the lighting that’d suit a warm, cozy ambience and the décor that was capable of softening it’s overall look but the cold-dark room took its own sweet time to respond back to all my thoughts 😉

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