Quit Fighting… you’re meant to be different! (6)


November came with a couple of surprises…

It started with rumors surrounding company-closure that covered an entire spectrum between, it’ll most likely happen by end of this week TO the whole idea will fuzz out in matter of days. We had just come back from an official ‘off-site’ when this news-bomb dropped and I for one didn’t know how to react.

Let’s say, I was not unhappy but didn’t want everything changing all at once.

Convinced that this news was for me; a positive sign communicating God’s will of closing the corporate-chapter in order to pave way for my new venture. But at the same time while FOTS was taking shape on paper, it was still a long way from metamorphosing into a tangible set-up.

Anyway, in preparation for a befitting climax, one day I was ushered into the top-man’s office. The man didn’t keep me guessing for long. Minutes after I sat, he got to the point while I nodded as things threatened to change their course. You’ve worked hard for our company’s growth and we feel responsible for your future; the closure is bound to happen though I can’t give any date with certainty. Which is why our management has done the next best thing; we’ve found you an alternate job in an equally good, (if not better) firm. Everything has been arranged; just send a formal email stating your keenness…

With that all positive signs turned hostile; and all I could now think of was whether God was  trying to give me one last chance to let go of the madness and be sure of what i wanted …before it got too late.

Anyway, after overthinking for next couple of days, I fell back on the age-old technique of comparing pros to cons. The cons of refusing a job and taking up unemployment (yup, that’s the realistic term for ‘turning into an entrepreneur’ ; for a duration defined by the success of your idea) were by all means greater than the pros, the stakes had gotten higher and holding on looked easier than giving up; but living with a regret of making a wrong choice seemed more persuasive than betraying a dream right in the beginning of things..

I was anyway far from ‘living-with-no-regrets’ philosophy; so coping up with one more didn’t seem all that daunting.


The next surprise was the one we (myself and Liliput) gave to our folks. Careful to safeguard each other against any outburst, we introduced them to the concept of  FOTS in public places 😊 😊 😉 But while they tried to hide apprehensions behind over-bright smiles and look encouraging, they obviously had pointed questions and advised us to think our plan through before moving any further.

All in all, all four of them were supportive (which stemmed more from parental-love than conviction).

It was finally an open-secret. Another reason to not look back.

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  1. jayasharma25 says:

    Beautifully written

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