Quit Fighting… you’re meant to be different! (5)

If only time took care of everything and we did justice to playing our part by drifting in its tide…

Well, this story required a little more participation than that. The one-month market research deadline had already entered the third month and all information-hoarding was getting us nowhere that I could call a milestone! It had to be re-categorized and more structured! I remember giving myself a mental shake…

It had to come down to numbers. All intangible thoughts had to be broken down into quantifiable, measurable and budget-able basics. Rentals, exteriors, interiors, decor, fixed-asset investments, operational costs, revenue generation strategies… I started making a list of all seemingly relevant sub-headings popping in my head.

With each new addition to the sheet; arose ten supporting questions. Some days I had answers to all of them and on others, I just subscribed them to illogical belief and faith.

Often, we (myself and Liliput) gave each other home-work and sat down with the progress after dinner… With burning eyes and exhausted brains, we’d make failed attempts to hide and stifle yawns. But we knew the truth.

Not only did juggling between office and home fronts leave little or no room for creativity but also the daunting formula-filled excel sheets needed much more than organic ideas- they needed answers that walked a thin line between fact and fiction, apprehensions and beliefs, and both of us were as naïve as each other in that aspect.

We’d open our emails on TV set, accept or reject each other’s ideas, push each the other to come up with innovations and more often than not, forget to jot them down for later reference. Some day’s we felt in control of everything and slept with conviction that FOTS would be well received by everyone and on other days it took all possible effort to overlook the obvious anxiety over craziness of the decision to leave a smooth-running life and foraying into an unknown future which at times looked promising and on other occasions, challenging.


Oh, did I mention that while all of this was happening, the company I was working started giving feelers about heading for a closure, my sister was expecting ( my nephew) and Liliput had to leave for a three-week long work-trip (to return two days before our scheduled opening) Which is why we had multiple timelines running parallely!

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