The Unsung Hero

Another year has passed in a jiffy; on this day last year, it looked like 365 long days ahead but today it seems that with a single snap of fingers- Abra-Ca-Dabra… it’s behind us!!

Just like every other year, this one too didn’t offer monotony;  each day had been different from the other, while some things went as per plan, others were surprises; those that could be qualified as life-changing or as, well, I’d much rather forget 😛

But that’s how it always is for everyone I bet 😊

And the beauty of it is that every single year, barring some scratches and bruises here and there, we all manage to navigate through the thicks and thins, the blacks, whites or greys and the arguable goods, bads or uglies…

Not taking anything away from the core inner strength, will-power and/or the ability and experience to handle and overcome adversities; I truly feel that a couple of things work tirelessly as constant, seemingly passive yet integral companions in the process.

And Food happens to be one of them 🙂 🙂 (good company- a cherry on top!)

When everything around tries to test your limits and you are forced to role-play through the day; does not a single thought of cosy, home-cooked meal with people who love you irrespective of rights or wrongs and don’t care about yours or anybody else’s notions or opinions of you make life does seem bearable? Is it only me or does any of you resonate my feelings of utter disappointment and irrational anger on being denied the ‘comfort food’ after a bad day in general ?

For me, a sumptuous meal is no less than a loyal, quiet, non-judgmental friend which willingly offers itself to share moments of happiness, grief or anger…

2018 has been a journey on bumpy roads; with its shares of highs, lows and frustrating plateaus; where on several occasions, my only endeavor had been to hold on tight and not fall 😄😄 . But on balance, the year was also very generous on accounts of travel, good food and great company 😎Which is why I want to raise a toast to all the amazing colors, flavors and textures that have been the force behind an undying spirit of never-backing-down…😎😎


An authentic thali from Udupi, Karnataka (pre-plated portions of multiple curries and lentils, accompanied with rice and/or poories), Marathi baakri with bharli vangi (egg plant), bedmi poori-aaloo (a breakfast specific to Uttar Pradesh), Punjabi chole bhatoore, Indian Chinese 😛 and the quintessential mood-picker; a hot brewing cup of coffee!!!

In this (juvenile) attempt at a collage; I’ve tried to bring in an amalgamation of memories of some of the finest moments with food in the year that has gone by… (it also represents the few occasions where I showed exemplary patience and presence of mind to take a picture of my meal before devouring it 😀 😛 :P)

Three cheers to 2018!

Welcome 2019 🙂 🙂

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