King of colours!

While world history mentions the use of this colour at times in context of beauty and strength and at others as a sign of defiance and revolution; enough can never be said about the importance given to it even in Hindu customs and traditions.

Yet, my relationship with the colour Red can at best be described as awkward!

So much so, it was nothing less than a nightmare coming alive when Lilliput asked me to dress traditionally for our wedding; i.e. in red!

Not only did I spend days choosing the perfect shade between too red and non-red; I also ended up pairing it with two dupattas (stoles) of different colour tones and monitoring each bit of embroidery being done just to ensure that the ‘red’ was appropriately toned down and didn’t overshadow everything else…

liliput wedding.jpg

Which is also why, when my sister presented Mac’s Ruby Woo; I did the best I could; thank her and keep it locked in the safety of my dressing drawer. Since then, this customary red lipstick has been sitting ignored and un-loved 😛 I look at it often but that’s primarily to move it away from my line of vision in everyday tussle of finding kohls and creams. Once, I even tried applying it; but couldn’t go further than a single stroke …! 😉

This Christmas when she came for a visit and saw it unused, my sis frowned and insisted I read about the psychology behind red lipsticks.

Initially I laughed it off but when she didn’t let go, I found myself typing Rationale of red lipstick on google search (mentally making a note to clear all browsing data after)

Well, that was just the beginning; because I went on to read beyond its psychological implications, i.e. about its history, global presence and what it means to women who stand by it. And by the end of it, was convinced to at least make a single, honest attempt to wear it…


I wore it last night and was pretty conscious about it till the time we left home (the picture in yellow light drives the point home 😀 ) but once I was out; there weren’t too many prying eyes or sneering faces as I had imagined. In fact, the only visible difference was perhaps a fraction-of-a-second longer look at my lips 😊 😊

I am glad that my experience didn’t turn out to be the way i had imagined and there is hope for our awkward relationship to turn a new leaf.

But one thing is for sure, attention-seeking, powerful, confident and a statement in itself….  You can like, love or hate it; but one thing is for certain; you cannot ignore the colour ReD

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