The Weekend that was…

Did the week just get over?? But wasn’t it Friday when I came to bed?

As I snoozed the morning alarm, snuggling deeper into quilt, the awesome dream that I was a part of, had broken ( I was interviewing Mr. Rajnikanth on the lines of spending a day with the Star) Finding an excuse to pick and re-join its broken fragments, I mumbled to myself; the cold has frozen my nose, I need to warm it before it leads to being stuck in a solo sneezing match through the day.

But after the 5-minute snooze went off, I knew it was a lost cause! Yet, was adamant to prolong a Sunday night before giving into a Monday morning.

Another weekend had just flown by in a whisker;

Although the weekend was a customary two-day long affair; it had managed to slip past with much haste. I knew that the next reminder to wake up was already on its way and had no more than a couple of minutes (at the maximum) to enjoy the luxury and warmth of my bed. Hence, decided to relive the snippets of the weekend that was…

Remember the ‘start-up’ dream I told you about in my Just when you think you’re done post? Well right now, me and my partner have been trying to give it form and shape and since we both work for the others over the week; we work for ourselves over the weekend. I.e. the project-work gets pushed over to the weekends, which become busier than usual.

Their blueprint-plans are made and finalized over the week; and after multiple rounds of research and discussions, the weekend’s planned activities are noted.

 With a final check right before we step-out of the house, we both already know that the day will turn out to be a relay race against time, where the second job is ready and raring before the one in hand gets over.

So, this weekend began with visits to multiple banks on Saturday (one of them at a distance of 40 kms) and ended on a negotiating table on Sunday evening. As I sleepily grazed through the memories; an episode where I was able to steal some moments of guiltless-happy-pleasure stood out. 😉

Once we made it back to civilization after completing bank-work, my partner suggested we take a brief coffee-halt.

Such a suggestion coming from a workaholic-bound-by-schedules-and-plans i.e. him seemed unlikely and earned my full attention.

‘You always want a good cup of coffee and if you’re hungry, we could eat some light snacks too… I mean, only if YOU want to!’

The ‘you’ was said with enough emphasis for me to understand that it was one of those things that he wanted to indulge in without feeling guilty, so, wanted to do for me. The winter-sun looked appealing and the remaining half of the day was to be busier so I decided to play along and said, ‘let me find a coffee shop around.’

I mean, I wanted to say that but he was quick with a ready suggestion, ’I know just the place- Triveni Kala Sangam; its just around the corner. We could go there if you want.’

I chuckled at the apparent coincidence of the perfect timing of suggestion, physical proximity to TKS and the fact that he had spent majority of initial working years hanging and chilling out in that café!

We parked our car 25 meters away from the main entrance and got in.


The front lawns were very well-maintained and all flowers were in full-bloom; typical of sarkaari buildings. We entered the lobby and their gallery bespoke culture and art. The place looked so alive and vibrant with people of different age-groups sitting and discussing theatre and music. There were signages for museums and extra-curricular classes but we were on an agenda (remember?)

As we stepped into a courtyard-of-sorts, a guard passed a knowing smile to my partner, ‘long time Sir!’

I looked at my partner beaming and knew that we had come to the right place 😊 😉

What came next was more than a sun-kissed-beautifully-landscaped garden; for a cold winter day, it was almost like a piece of heaven itself. I was tempted to plonk my ass on the grass and strategically slip till my eyes closed out of their own accord but gave myself a mental shake, that’s not on the agenda!!

The whole place was packed and teeming with people who were not in a hurry, didn’t look like they had an agenda or maybe their only agenda was to relax and take-it easy. While some were reading books or enjoying a Saturday afternoon with friends, others hung out with their special someone’s…

The waiting time for a table was over half n hour (and we didn’t have the luxury of time) so we stepped out with long faces.

We were back to the main gate, where the guard looked surprise, ‘going so soon Sir?’ to which we answered with a forced smile, ‘’have some work’ and walked towards the parked car.

I noticed a tiny 2*2 tin-shed, not too far from the car, where a man stood handing out menu leaflets.

Me and my partner looked at each other as the heady aroma filled our heads.

‘We have 20 minutes remaining, you game for a quick bite?’, he said. ‘I’ve always seen this guy busy. He must be good.’

I didn’t need much egging to embrace the opportunity to soak some Sun myself. With no room to stand, I jumped up on the bonnet of the car and with the Sun warming my back and the gentle breeze easing away it’s biting heat; held a mountain of roadside veg-chow-mien! And there would be no exaggeration in saying that the following twenty minutes were the best part of the day. The concerned owner asked us if we were happy with the taste and offered to customize.

Such preferential treatment in an imperfect ambience was all and more than what I could have asked for!


In part II, I’ll share about the other special memory we made on Sunday 😊

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  1. Anubhav Sawhney says:

    It was a memorable day for sure 🙂


  2. Anubhav Sawhney says:

    What a memorable day you had…great article!!


  3. Cool! I enjoyed reading your post..😀


    1. Thanks a lot Pooja:)


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