Eternal companion of Mankind

I personally don’t know of anyone who has never been acquainted with any kind of music. It is something we take for granted because even while we were busy howling-pooping and sleeping, our mothers probably sang over a thousand lullabies to soothe us. So, it’s safe to say that music needs no introduction.. and we just grow around it. But was it always like this?  

I tried to read about how it all began but couldn’t find any one defining moment in history that said, ‘okay, music had been hiding in here and we’ve discovered it today!’ In all probabilities, it was something we (perhaps the ancestors of homo sapiens in pre-historic times) chanced upon by listening to the sounds of nature which they found pleasing.

Possibly after a hard day’s work when the Early men sat around fire, they looked for some kind of entertainment or an expression of joy or sorrow? The inspiration could have been a song bird or nightingale or any one of the umpteen types of voices in jungle? Just put all of those together in succession and tada! Build a song! Who knows? If you do, pray tell 😊  

But in any case, aren’t we grateful to them?

Music is an inseparable part of our lives. It’s one of those few things that don’t fail you, you’re happy- it celebrates, angry- it’ll calm you, lost- it’s right there; ready to rescue!  My mornings aren’t complete without a generous helping of music, sometimes its contemporary, (keeping up with the times) and on other occasions, I prefer to fall back onto the laps of poetic-retro lyrics… there is always a song for each direction the mood decides to swing!

In fact, is not a person’s playlist reflective of their personality? Well, I am guilty of passing this judgement and love to indulge in a harmless practice every once in a while 😉.

P.s: My taste in music ranges from please-don’t-judge-me to you-got-to-listen-to-this! And even in this age of free-downloads and online music, I prefer to keep songs safely tucked in a playlist on phone. Whenever I get an opportunity to meet anyone interesting (purely subjective) or find anyone musically inclined; no time is wasted in bartering some music.

This way, each time I listen to a particular song, a complete back-story runs in my head and along with the awesomeness of music, the warmth of an associated memory embraces me.

Don’t you think there is something magical about rhythms and beats?

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  1. Anubhav Sawhney says:

    Wonderfully written for sure!!music is definitely an essence in our lives!!

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  2. Great piece we are all inexplicably linked with music the soundtrack of our lives 😀

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    1. I cannot imagine life without music… 😋 in fact sometimes i even miss background scores in everyday life situations😄😄

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