When a child takes birth, so does a project. No, we don’t think about it as that, at least not consciously. But because this notion has survived the million years of evolution, its execution has become as involuntary as breathing.

No one can refute the Ultimate goal of this project as noble- to groom a child for survival. A secure path-to-be-taken (project methodology) is tried, tested and clear; for it has been treaded on centuries together; which is why nothing less than  it’s perfect execution is expected of the new-born parents.

The user guide majorly constitutes courtesies, customs and traditions that align us with the world at large as well as the Higher energy (at least that’s what they say) and could be in form of inflexible rules or vague guidelines that portray a generic description of a good human being. The child is however, allowed to pick up whatever little that remains on his own, from his environment (subject to scrutiny).   

Having said that, all this is done with good intentions.

This stuff together forms a framework of our belief system (our personal guide book for ascertaining rights and wrongs, yeses and nos,’trues and falsehoods etc etc.) and armed with them; we go on living, unquestioningly.

Till the time each thought, experience or action gets an approval from this belief system, there is no conflict. But the moment this learning starts gaining power over who you were born to be, your raw-self; a perpetual conflict arises.

A staunch and restrictive belief- system can either suppress the expression of your real-self or try to mould it to fit the framework. Of course, things like social acceptance and need to belong increase the bias towards the known and keeps away from the unknown but is being at a constant-internal war worth it?

What was to be an asset, becomes your Achilles heel. So why let your beliefs overpower and threaten the existence of your core-self when a simpler way to co-exist, exists.

Let’s begin to unlearn some stuff that we were told was important and embrace Life as it comes. Resolve to explore beyond the blacks and whites and experiment with the grey!



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