Sucked into Adultness

Before I let adulthood take-over completely, I was quite a brat (being the youngest also helped being the most pampered) and the funny thing was that I was proud of it! My parents truly deserve some kind of a national acclaim for bringing me up!

In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that I myself would have given me up for adoption if I were my kid (if that made any sense at all).

Anyway, we can come back to the how’s and whys behind considering myself as an inspiration for the makers of Home Alone and Problem Child some other time because there is something else I wanted to share today.

Despite having a headstrong, stubborn child; far-cry from any ideal example, one thing my parents insisted upon (and continue doing so) was the importance of self-belief and discipline. The rules were simple,

If you want something badly and you believe that you have the ability to achieve it, don’t let even the skies limit your potential; even if that means going against all odds or popular opinions and beliefs.

It was one of those things from childhood that go under your skin and form a part of your DNA. And there have been many instances ever since, where I made some complicated and unlikely choices, despite being tempted to give-in to ‘opinions and beliefs.’

It was during senior school that I fell in love with Biology and decided to pursue medicine. But my timing to share this news with the teacher couldn’t have been worse. It was right after she checked my file diagrams (where she graded me not-so satisfactorily) and I earned a multi-second long look of exaggerated disbelief followed by a scoff.

‘Cannot draw a human heart to save her life and wants to pursue science! Stop day-dreaming madam! Wake- up!’

(To give a background, she is not the villain of this story; only a catalyst. Not only has ‘grade C+’ been my personal best in art classes and exams, if I am asked to draw even today; it would most likely either be a sunset or a house beside a pond with ducks as big as trees and the house itself!)

But in my heart, I knew what I wanted to achieve and this rendezvous fueled my desire to become a doctor further.

But today, almost a decade since I became one, a part of me seems to have gone missing. It could have been missing for years but I woke up to it’s absence when I read the following quote in the news-paper.

‘All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better’

Ralph Waldo Emerson

And I couldn’t think of the last experiment I took. Where was the spunk to take on the world and defy it?  The years slowly and steadily kept settling down on it in layers, taking away it’s shine & might and driving it through the cul-de-sac of responsibilities of adulthood. I had allowed everything to take a priority over myself and that had left me with nothing but emptiness!

Wordpress Adultness

Feeling inspired, I decided to repeat history and brushed off the dust from a paint box. Actually I had to do more than that; like adding water to the rock-solid, cracked paints and eventually use only the red one as the others failed to cooperate😋😋 and made probably the most childish piece of art👩‍🎨 possible… definitely not the best by any standard😋😋 but because it was something I was not asked to do, something I wasn’t obligated to either and most importantly because neither was I competing to be the best and nor did I have the fear of being judged; I felt joy and satisfaction. After almost two hours of hard work (to be fair, I did try to get some gradient in the backdrop 😄😄) I felt relaxed and rejuvenated…
I think I’ll do it again sometime 😊

Sometimes we find inspiration and strength from the most unlikely sources! The Universe keeps trying to help; only if we care to listen!
#foroldtimessake #kidatheart#nevergrowup


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  1. Anubhav Sawhney says:

    Well that is the way of life but childhood is definitely one of the best times ever!!


    1. and it should be our endeavour to keep the child alive … 🙂


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