VII down VIII up

There is no dearth of gyaan on motivation in the market. Even if we don’t want to confide in family or want to avoid an awkward and usually longish advice-dispensing-encounter with a close friend, we are more than willing to learn from random strangers and their experiences; which are no further than a click away.

But have you ever wondered what makes motivation work?

That is, on ground, in the practical paradigm. What makes us pick up the pieces and give things another shot? Knowing very well that putting a piece of yourself out in the open, again and again doesn’t make you any less vulnerable than it did, the first time. That each time you do that, you lose any kind of control you thought you had over it’s fate.

When it is out there, you are allowed to watch it from an arm’s distance, see it brave the harsh weathers and brutal truths, hope and pray that you’ve prepared it well enough to sustain injuries. You can do nothing other than stand on tenterhooks, defenseless and powerless in front of each rejection or scathing onslaught.

Somehow, believing that there is still a hand out there, perhaps that only one hand in billions, that will raise to pet its back or give an encouraging nudge rather than an unceremonious shove out of their way.

Can anything be more powerful than such hope and belief?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jaya says:

    Very well written…. it struck a cord


  2. Vijay Lakshmi says:

    Ashi…..very well written. I feel it is a blessing to be able to express so well. Stay blessed beta.


    1. Umanav says:

      Maaaa 🤗🤗🤗


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