Eternal battle

I feel lost. I feel disconnected. I feel the lag in response time to any outside stimulation. My mind feels numb. Exhausted. 

It seems to be plagued by a marathon in loop, the kind you run as a relay format. ‘The’ thoughts carry the baton of my semi-conscious mind and are running in circles; perhaps fooling around with it…?

 It is as though I can see from a distance; ‘the’ thoughts are doing a little victory dance, they feel they are successful in planting a strong foothold, marking their territory. The conscious mind too is part by part getting illuminated by the blinding light of the baton. My soul feels weak… rightfully threatened by the increasing might of ‘the’ thoughts. 

My inner voice is my guiding only hope. It gently but purposefully and persistently reminds me to take control, makes me understand the devastating effects of what can be when the soul loses the battle of control with the mind; I feel its energy, its infusing confidence in me … I tell myself, I CAN DO IT!!. I will try…. 

The voices are feeble. I strain to hear them, I am struggling…but I know I have to.. I WILL !! Stand up to the notorious thoughts and awaken myself. 

It’s time to unveil the nakedness and nothingness of my thoughts and fears. To take control. To restore balance.

I will be successful.

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  1. rajsharma36 says:

    Hello Healthcare professional, Happy to find that you are moving ahead to become a writer. The qualifying word’seasoned’ belongs to the science of cooking and not the art of word arrangement as is usualy the import of the expression flower arrangement. Only a dreamer can be a creative writer or an author floreciente . Also, dreams do not come by choice, they just happen or vanish. Good luck.

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