The day God spoke

I am sitting on a rickety wooden chair in a small room of modest proportions, the blue walls have white patches. A stale smell of dampness engulfs the air as there are no windows for ventilation. It is a counselling room of a cancer hospital.

Everybody is in a rush. I am made to sit and observe the happenings. I have a presentation to make. The language is foreign to me. I am trying to make meanings of conversations by scrutinising facial expressions. People are restless, discussing the prognosis of their loved ones, discussing depleted finances, anxious and questioning. I close my eyes, (I feel I’ve done it for a fraction of a second) and amidst all the activity around I feel a change, a feeling of peace settling within me, I look around but people seem unaffected, as involved as they were before and I realise that the change is in me… Was it the play of God? I don’t know. He chose this time to enlighten men with answers which have evaded me for so long and I have questioned him endlessly on.

What’s the significance of change in life?

‘Change is the only constant’ we all know this for a fact. But how many of us are able to cope with any change?? It amazes me every time I realize the enormity of patience he holds for us when we merrily criticise him; ungrateful during the resistive phase towards any change which we are convinced has been imposed against our wishes. His lessons are simple, known and proven by time and yet we fail to incorporate them in our lives. We leave him with no choice. He is forced to create situations (read: change) proportional to the power, strength and resilience that he has ingrained in us to overcome them, until we learn to face, accept and finally incorporate them in our lives. Change introduces us to a new facet of our own personality.

What is the biggest conquest mankind can achieve?  

Appreciating control over mind and will, for it holds the key to the balance of joy and grief, anger and patience, being responsible and being carefree and hope and dejection. For most of the people, all through life, this battle of mind and self keeps going on at subconscious levels with no clear winners in the end. The lessons in life don’t always come from ‘academics’ or passed on as ‘morals’ or ‘values’  it is understood by experience. It’s a continuous process of learning and un-learning. These lessons signify milestones in the journey towards the ultimate energy.

What is happiness?

Mankind wants to be accepted and appreciated. That’s our weakness. But how far is it necessary to mould oneself in order to ‘fit’? How do we define the limit of influence external factors have on one’s estimation of self-worth?  On what basis is happiness defined? There is no one ‘perfect’ answer, it takes many mistakes, experiences, self-confidence, failing and falling, strength and grit to make rules of our lives and to stand by them. Happiness is in the journey.  All through this time…it’s impossible for any one person to stand by us. Except God and his belief in us, his guidance and his perseverance. He just never gives up on us and our happiness.

From the moment we take birth, our journey begins. The journey towards the ultimate unison, which ends when we unite with the Supreme force. We all have to walk our own paths, but the journey is not ours alone, for he takes each step with us, holds us, equips us and guides us to show the way to reach Him..

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