the unfinished song

I was more relieved  than glad, I had made it through the almost-normally-crazy day at work and stepped out early enough to be home for dinner. Not in the best of moods, I was flipping the channels of radio getting irritated with the quantum of ads one has to hear when all one needs is uninterrupted music.

I applied the brakes of my car with sudden force, more out of instinct than consciousness, the sound my car made as it came to a screeching halt, made me aware of its age and I quickly apologized to my ol’ girl.

Out of nowhere, A daring gentleman decided to run and cross the road just when the traffic lights turned green. What the poor fellow must not have anticipated was that all us bored-almost-dead-looking office-goers were capable of producing the most quick response to colour ‘Green’; mostly to avoid the honking to a nano-second worth delay and my case was no different…

It was a usual long, mentally exhausting, physically tiring day, and this sudden ‘break’ in the monotony had me thinking back to the times I had spent sleepless nights strategizing my life and career, at times worrying and other times dreaming about it. Everyone goes through phase but its more prominent when you happen to bid farewell to books formally and look for a beginning past hitting the quarter century mark, the world seems to be rushing past while you are busy drowning yourself inches deep in books.

My dreams stretched to include hypothetical routine, independence, money, fame … the WORKS!!! But one thing that would always rain on my happy parade of thoughts, and leave them absolutely soaked was A CAR. Strangely, I took to learning how to drive as positively as I would to solving a quadratic equation in Math. I delayed the unpleasant task as long as I could, I shut my eyes to the glaring reality like a stubborn pigeon. But the day I held the joining letter of my first job, I knew that reality was close enough to figuratively blur my vision.

And here I was..back to reality; multi-tasking, juggling between selecting the right song on any clear-enough radio station  to lift my post-work mood, dodging a safari which seemed to be practicing for formula I on busy Gurgaon roads; threatening to go over me and my beloved (read: car), receiving killer looks from co-drivers for the sudden brakes and of course marginally saving lives.(the gentleman I was talking of) As my thoughts time travelled , how different was life a year back. My world revolved around books, coffee, romantic-and not-so-romantic college sagas, music, friends, frenimies and of course rains and beaches. (Didn’t mention food coz its still an integral part of my life) I fit the definition of a perfectly happy child who had what she wanted.  Unaware and unconcerned about what the future held,  so involved was I in my bubble of life.I found myself comparing life and Earth. Just as how gradually and methodically the earth goes around the Sun, with so much perfection and natural ease…we don’t feel the days turning into months or the spring turning into autumn; Life too unfolds itself quietly, meandering along a pre-determined course; it keeps us so involved, chasing the mirage of a better tomorrow.. keeping us convinced that all the effort and energy we put willingly or unwillingly in the present is for a BETTER TOMORROW till that one moment when futility of the chase hits us.Tomorrow??? Who has ever seen that day? No special powers have been able to enable us to do that. What you do, where you end up, how you reach there and when it happens is something just happens..surprising us along the way. Its how memorable and worthwhile we make the journey. Change is the only constant and if there is one person who can make us happy in any and every situation life throws at right there..staring back at us in the mirror! And with that thought.. I put the first gear and was back to my song..singing along.

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