The Weekend that was…

Did the week just get over?? But wasn’t it Friday when I came to bed? As I snoozed the morning alarm, snuggling deeper into quilt, the awesome dream that I was a part of, had broken ( I was interviewing Mr. Rajnikanth on the lines of spending a day with the Star) Finding an excuse […]


For someone who doesn’t take to changes with open-arms, my teething period to get used to the dynamics of ‘hostel-life’ was slightly prolonged or perhaps I should re-phrase it and say that my appreciation for an amalgamated independent-community-living was a little slow to take-off.  As much as I itch to defend my efforts, in heart […]

Eternal companion of Mankind

I personally don’t know of anyone who has never been acquainted with any kind of music. It is something we take for granted because even while we were busy howling-pooping and sleeping, our mothers probably sang over a thousand lullabies to soothe us. So, it’s safe to say that music needs no introduction.. and we […]


  When a child takes birth, so does a project. No, we don’t think about it as that, at least not consciously. But because this notion has survived the million years of evolution, its execution has become as involuntary as breathing. No one can refute the Ultimate goal of this project as noble- to groom […]

Sucked into Adultness

Before I let adulthood take-over completely, I was quite a brat (being the youngest also helped being the most pampered) and the funny thing was that I was proud of it! My parents truly deserve some kind of a national acclaim for bringing me up! In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that I […]

# ForOldTimesSake

How many things do we do that remind us of the life we’ve led or the one we thought we’d lead? My life looks simple and uncomplicated on surface. With all mandatory things ticked off the check-list, there isn’t much I should be cribbing about (reference: society’s checklist). Each day is almost an exact-replica of […]

Shades of Love

‘Don’t apply so much pressure. It leads to uneven thickness and uncooked edges’, almost snatching the rolling pin from her hands, Kasturi reduced the stove’s flame. Savitri, the eldest of her brood had turned nine this year and by all standards was ready for marriage. As a mother, she had tried to give her as […]

the unfinished song

I was more relieved  than glad, I had made it through the almost-normally-crazy day at work and stepped out early enough to be home for dinner. Not in the best of moods, I was flipping the channels of radio getting irritated with the quantum of ads one has to hear when all one needs is uninterrupted music. […]